How To Choose A Builder

Choosing a builder for your new home can be a time-consuming task – but it’s time well-spent considering what’s at stake! The ultimate end goal when searching for a builder is to find a team that can listen to your needs, create your vision and then build your dream home. Although this may sound relatively […]

What Permits Do You Need to Extend a Home? 

Have you decided to undertake an extension of your current home, but you’re unsure of where to begin? Well before you can get down the details of your renovation project, you should think about what permits are necessary for your extension. In Victoria, residential construction projects will require either a planning permit, a building permit, […]

How to Create a Timeless Duplex Design

One of the best ways to add value to any duplex is to create a timeless design that exudes subtle confidence and sophistication, while also feeling welcoming and lived-in. This way, whether you’re building your forever home, or investing in a property development, you know that the home’s style will never fall out of fashion. […]

5 Elements of a Modern Bathroom Design

Modern, traditional, Scandinavian, opulent… There are so many bathroom styles to choose from, it can be hard to pin down the one that’s right for you. Of course, style is important, but functionality and practicality are also key for a bathroom designed to last. Many new builds opt for a contemporary style to complement minimalistic […]

How to Ensure Your Project is Delivered on Time

From the moment work begins on your dream home, you’ll likely be counting down the days until you can move in. But how can you ensure move-in day comes around sooner rather than later? While some delays are out of everyone’s hands and can’t be avoided, there are a few things you and your builder […]

Is Design + Build the Right Choice for Your New Home?

Designing your dream home is one of the most exciting – and challenging – decisions you’ll ever make. When you’re making such a big emotional and financial investment, it’s crucial that the builder you choose does everything in their power to make the process as seamless as possible. Choosing a builder that offers a Design […]

How to downsize with the future in mind

We often speak about the benefits of renovating and extending our existing homes or building brand-new custom homes but it’s less often we take time to talk about the opposite situation – downsizing. Downsizing is an important and beneficial step in homeownership, especially later in life when you want to focus less on maintenance and […]

3 heritage home styles you’ll see around Melbourne

The city of Melbourne has a rich architectural history. One only has to walk through the city, or even their own suburban streets, to come across old-school terraces, beguiling façades and ornate cornices from another era. Thanks to safeguards and regulations put in place to protect heritage buildings, many of these stunning residential marvels still […]

How to maximise space in your home

Space has become a hot commodity that we can never seem to find enough of in our homes. Is itpossible to ever have enough space? Clutter seems to amass, seemingly out of nowhere,and no matter how much you declutter, therealways seems to be more! If you feel like your home has turned into more of […]

What to consider before undertaking a heritage renovation in Melbourne

There are so many benefits to renovating a heritage home. Not only is it a chance to restore all those singular and ornate elements that make your historic residence so special, you’ll have the opportunity to infuse the space with functional and contemporary features that make modern living easy. Before you can move into your […]