3 Ways To Invite The Outside Into Your Home

Nature plays a fundamental part of our wellbeing. From earthy palettes to picturesque views from your bedroom window, nature’s elements have a grounding and tranquil effect. Returning us to a state of calm, it has a power to melt away life’s daily stresses, even if only for a moment. And because of the incredible role […]

Maximising The Aspects Of Your Home

There are a number of things to consider if you want to optimise your home, such as the layout, structure, finishes, and aesthetic of the property. If you’re planning on extending your home or renovating it for a return on investment, look no further than Nicon Built. We are the go-to builders for architectural homes, […]

Creating The Ultimate Open-Plan Living Space

Open-plan living has been enhancing homes since the late 20th Century, and it’s no surprise it’s still popular today. The then radical concept of doing away with unnecessary walls and corridors has brought added utility and flow to homes, allowing natural light to flow from space to space, and people to feel connected regardless which […]

Top Building Tips From An Architectural Builder

When you’re designing and building a new home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. It’s a massive emotional and financial investment and trying to be across the ins and outs may result in the exact opposite. We know how exciting and nerve-wracking this process can be. But with over […]

Project Showcase: Yarraville

NICON Built is currently building an exceptional home in Melbourne’s inner west, working closely with our client to bring their unique vision to life. Our client came to us with a firm vision but it soon became clear the budget provided wouldn’t support the proposed brief. Collaborating closely with our client and our team, including […]

5 Benefits To Design and Build

Building a new home is an exciting journey. However, it can be overwhelming when considering where to start; who to engage as your designer, builder or both; your budget; and the timeline. One way to ease this process is to engage a building company that both designs and builds your home. While it’s possible to […]

How To Set a Realistic Building Budget

So, you’ve made the decision to build a new home. Congratulations! This decision requires a lot of time and money, and it is a big commitment. However, the end result is a home you’ll love for years to come, or an investment in your future. It’s an exciting journey that can seem slightly overwhelming at […]

Multi-Unit Development Finance Explained

While careful planning is required to perfect the art of successful property development, the results are worth the effort. At Nicon Built, we love the opportunity to partner with clients and bring their property development dreams to life. However, in the early stages of planning, many clients come to us with questions or concerns around […]

Understanding Prime Cost and Provisional Sum

Before embarking on your next home build, it’s important to be aware of the terms that will define your project. When it comes to Prime Cost and Provisional Sum, too many people aren’t aware of the impact these figures can have on their project and budget. At Nicon Built, we pride ourselves on having all […]

Architectural Home Design: What’s Trending in 2022?

This year, we predict that architectural homes will place a focus on creating functional havens with a natural aesthetic, allowing you to truly unwind. Recent times have made it clear that home-based comfort is integral to achieving peace of mind. The need for a relaxing environment will see sustainable, peaceful home design remain in vogue […]

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