3 Ways To Invite The Outside Into Your Home

Nature plays a fundamental part of our wellbeing. From earthy palettes to picturesque views from your bedroom window, nature’s elements have a grounding and tranquil effect. Returning us to a state of calm, it has a power to melt away life’s daily stresses, even if only for a moment.

And because of the incredible role nature plays in our day-to-day lives, incorporating it into your new build not only brings your home to life, but enhances your life from day one.

Read on to find our three tips on how to incorporate the outdoors into your home design.


Perhaps the most straightforward way to incorporate nature into your home is with windows! Whether it’s floor-to-ceiling or skylights you’re choosing, windows not only enhance the ambience of your home by providing natural light, they also allow you to gaze at the foliage and clouds as you complete your daily tasks.

Windows are incredible for increasing the ventilation of your home too, allowing air to remain fresh each day.

To maximise natural light and the potential views, it’s great planning to conduct a site inspection with your builder during the design phase to assess the orientation of your land, and what is available. That way, you ensure the best views to wake up to each morning, and make the most of the afternoon sun during the chillier seasons.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants not only increase the oxygen levels in your home, but help bring the outdoors in. It’s best to have a think about what sort of commitment you’d like to make to indoor plants for your dream build before you begin. For example, do you create portable plant solutions, or create your own vertical plant feature wall with an inbuilt watering system?

You can incorporate an indoor courtyard into your home layout. The epitome of contemporary sophistication, indoor courtyards bring a touch of magic to low foot traffic areas around your home and create an incredible visual feature.

Choosing how you’d like to incorporate indoor plants into your home pre-build allows you to speak with your builder and work out how your vision can be carried through in the build, and how you can land on the best possible outcome.

Folding doors

There’s nothing quite liking opening folding doors to your living or dining area to enjoy the warm spring evenings. Like floor-to-ceiling windows, folding doors that open to the backyard or back verandah not only allow crisp air and natural light to flow in, but also blend the lines between the indoor and outdoor living spaces of your home.

Whichever ways you choose to bring the outdoors into your home design, it’s important to find a builder that has the expertise and know-how to see your vision through. At Nicon Built, we have over forty years’ experience of listening, creating and building luxury homes for our clients.

If you’re ready to push play on your vision and create an exceptional architectural home, reach out today to speak with one of our expert team members.

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