5 Benefits To Design and Build

Building a new home is an exciting journey. However, it can be overwhelming when considering where to start; who to engage as your designer, builder or both; your budget; and the timeline.

One way to ease this process is to engage a building company that both designs and builds your home. While it’s possible to engage a separate designer and builder, it can sometimes increase costs, add to timelines, and make the overall process more confusing.

Choosing a design and build company has many advantages, and today we’re outlining the top five.

1. Streamlined communication

Has your designer spoken to your builder? Have they communicated the correct information? Who do you call with questions about the overall process? Having a separate designer and builder can lead to miscommunication and confusion. With a design and build team, you’re always talking to the same person who is across your entire project to assist on any potential issues.

2. Keeps your budget in check

Sometimes, architects estimate a cost far below what a construction company proposes. While experts in their field, architects aren’t always across the true costs of construction, and this can lead to disappointment and discrepancies. Working with a design and build company means designers and architects will work closely with their builders to ensure the designs are feasible and within the client’s budget. This saves time and ensures everyone remains on the same page!

3. Greater quality control

When architects work separately to builders, unreasonable designs can emerge leaving homeowners struggling to engage a builder to complete the project. If a builder then advises the design is not within budget, clients may be tempted to find cheaper, less experienced builders who agree to build the design. However, this comes at the expense of quality because these builders may take shortcuts to remain on budget, ultimately costing more money to repair and fix poor work.

With a reputable design and build team, quality design is valued equally alongside expert craftsmanship and evident through the team who brings it to life. A company with designers and builders working to the same outcome makes the process easier for the client and ensures the best quality control.

4. A more streamlined build

With a design and build company, the process of building your home is streamlined within the one team, meaning more efficient ways of working. Builders can inform designers of material shortages or delays throughout the build. These can then be effectively addressed through design alternatives which are presented to the client, a process much easier with the same team working on the one project.

5. Harmonious teamwork

Having a design and build team from the same company ensures a positive experience all round. You’ll have peace of mind that the team will work together to complete your home to the highest standard. Builders can alert designers to any issues with materials or architecture, and designers can consult with builders on whether certain elements are feasible.

The journey of building a new home can seem long and overwhelming but with the right team around you working towards one common goal, you can streamline and enjoy the process!

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