Architectural Home Design: What’s Trending in 2022?

This year, we predict that architectural homes will place a focus on creating functional havens with a natural aesthetic, allowing you to truly unwind.

Recent times have made it clear that home-based comfort is integral to achieving peace of mind. The need for a relaxing environment will see sustainable, peaceful home design remain in vogue throughout 2022.

Our premium quality Melbourne builds are founded in architectural excellence. The Nicon Built in-house architectural team tailor on-trend designs that encapsulate aesthetic, functional, and innovative brilliance. Read on to discover the trends that will define architectural home design in 2022.


Building designs that integrate interior and exterior aspects are increasingly popular.

Homeowners are thinking beyond traditional boundaries; no longer are gardens and verandas rigidly separate from living spaces.

The desire to embrace nature is referred to as biophilia, reflected in biophilic design. Architecturally this can mean softer, gentle curves such as arches over harder lines, blending an impression of the natural world with the constructed.

Does your kitchen and dining space have the option of opening out into your garden? Are natural textures and architectural features included in your home design? Blurring the indoor/outdoor border is modern architecture at its best.

Open, Bright and Natural

Circumstances are seeing many Australians spend more time at home. As a result, home design in 2022 prioritises natural light and open designs, creating a sense of space, and encouraging sunlit interiors.

Increased light is a leading 2022 architectural trend. Whether it be a new home or renovation, extensive window coverage transforms living spaces—including incorporating skylights into the design.

Multifunctional areas are on the rise. Working or schooling from home made people aware of the importance of interior adaptability. Open areas accommodating alternate functions are more and more popular.


Architecture that considers impact on the environment is referred to as green architecture. This type of architecture promotes sustainable living, primarily by reducing a home’s energy usage through conscious design.

The goal is to create a home that won’t hold heat in summer, or create freezing conditions in winter. This way, heating and cooling costs can be reduced. A design utilising natural light is also effective at reducing power usage.

Reclaimed and natural materials can be part of a sustainable build. Your bespoke home can fuse architectural beauty with eco-conscious design. Clever renovations can also produce an eco-friendly home.

Bathroom Luxury

With the focus on a home that amplifies tranquillity, bathrooms become more than just a perfunctory part of the design. For many, they are now a key component of a calming home experience.

In the context of a bathroom, luxury can refer to space and textures, as much as features. Whether building or renovating, an open design and extended floor space makes room for statement elements.

Introducing natural light is also on trend. Bigger windows and the inclusion of skylights are architectural choices that celebrate a glowing, retreat-like aesthetic, enhancing the soothing atmosphere.

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