Creating The Ultimate Open-Plan Living Space

Open-plan living has been enhancing homes since the late 20th Century, and it’s no surprise it’s still popular today. The then radical concept of doing away with unnecessary walls and corridors has brought added utility and flow to homes, allowing natural light to flow from space to space, and people to feel connected regardless which room they’re in. 

If you’re considering open-plan living for your dream home, read on to discover our recommendations on how to make the most of your space and bring it all together. 

Define each space

The key to a timeless open-plan living space is to create well-defined areas, while simultaneously harmonising each one through interior finishes. 

Walls block natural light and can make your home feel boxed in but they do define each room. While an open-plan layout makes the parameters of a room “invisible”, it’s still important to define each space so they have a sense of purpose and character. And there are a few techniques you can utilise to achieve this without the need for walls. 

Kitchen island

Including an island in your kitchen layout is great for defining the space while also providing flexibility. It separates the kitchen from the dining or living space without impeding on the flow of the home or obstructing natural light. It also increases utility, allowing you to use one side of the island to prepare food and the other as a breakfast bar.

Statement ceilings

Ceiling decoration helps the eye define a space, and there are many options available. Simple strapping configures a room, and clever lighting creates visual interest by drawing attention to particular areas. Vaulted ceilings are a great option, elevating the sophistication and creating a standout feature in the room.

Contrasting textures and finishes

Utilising textures such as timber and concrete for flooring is a great way to define living spaces. Combinations of parquetry, floorboards and polished concrete visually defines the area all without a single obstruction to the flow or light of the space.

Large windows

One of the main benefits of open-plan living is the natural light and ambiance it affords. As no unnecessary hallways or walls divide the main living areas, light is able to flow from room to room. We recommend enhancing natural light by increasing the number and size of windows in your living area, and considering floor to ceiling windows if that’s within your budget. To best keep temperatures stable throughout winter and summer streamlined, speak with your builder about double or triple glazed windows to ensure efficient insulation with maximum views.

Seek an architectural builder

Not all builders share the same expertise. For the best open-plan living results, we recommend seeking an architectural builder – one that can balance beauty with functionality, and one that knows how to maximise your space for the best results.

If you’re interested in open-plan living for your next home, speak with one of our expert builders today.

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