Architectural Home Design: What’s Trending in 2022?

This year, we predict that architectural homes will place a focus on creating functional havens with a natural aesthetic, allowing you to truly unwind. Recent times have made it clear that home-based comfort is integral to achieving peace of mind. The need for a relaxing environment will see sustainable, peaceful home design remain in vogue […]

Architectural Design. Q&A With Nicon Built Architect John Caporaso

At Nicon Built, we pride ourselves on building architecturally designed homes that exceed our client’s expectations. This is in part thanks to John Caparaso, our in-house principal architect and project manager. John has worked in the design and construction industry for many years and has a wide range of experience in multi-level commercial buildings, high-end […]

The Keys to a Successful Modern Heritage Extension

Extending heritage homes requires careful planning, and a team of experts dedicated to ensuring existing structures are respected. Our goal? To address present living needs in ways that complement and celebrate architectural beauty of the past. Nicon Built understands the delicate practice of extending heritage homes. With heritage laws often focusing primarily on the front […]