How to Design for a Narrow Block

While designing for a small block can present a number of challenges, there’s no reason why you can’t go ahead and create and build your dream home. When you work with Nicon Built, we assess the best options for maximising the available space to your advantage – whether you intend on building a new home on your block, or expanding your current home.

There are several considerations for your build depending on the type of home you’re working with, for example if it’s single-storey or multi-storey, if it’s heritage listed, and what your needs and wants are. Your block and neighbourhood will also tell us a great deal about what will be involved during the construction process.

As architectural and home design experts with a combined 40 years of experience in the industry, we’re ready to help you achieve your dream home or dual-occupancy property on a narrow block – a home that meets your budget, timeframe, and specifications, and brings you everything you need and want. And here’s what we consider to make sure we achieve it for you.

Your local area

Knowledge of the area is critical to a project such as this, as an experienced design and construction team will be able to help you navigate any council regulations and match your build to the surrounding environment.

Just because you’re on a small block doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury and a feeling of spaciousness in your home. Our skilled architects and trades professionals know how to design homes with a narrow block in mind – and how to utilise the space most effectively. Understanding the local environment allows us to work with you to take in aspects and views, maximise private spaces, and provide Wow Factor to your street.

Outdoor Space

Maximise your outdoor space by adding a balcony, patio, or deck. You can also optimise your alfresco spaces with an open-plan-living arrangement, using finishes such as flush flooring and sliding doors to unify exterior and interior spaces. With smart design elements, your home can feel expansive and roomy!

Additionally, this allows for greater flexibility between indoor and outdoor living as you’ll have more options to choose from when deciding where to work, dine, relax and escape!.

Natural light

Light is an essential element that should be employed in the design of any home, particular smaller and narrower homes, as an abundance of natural light can create the illusion of a larger space. Bring more of it into your home with skylights, glass doors, and wide highlight windows. Indoor courtyards and light wells also take advantage of your home’s natural light to make creating spacious and airy feels.

If you’re building a bespoke home, it’s also a good idea to think about the position of your windows, and the orientation of the block is important for ensuring your home receives light. Consider how the sun will move across the block and position windows and outdoor spaces accordingly.

Vertical Space

Make use of vertical space by building up instead of out. This can include adding multiple levels, and the incorporation of high ceilings and mezzanine spaces. Depending on the style of your home (and whether it’s custom-built or pre-existing), there will be specific options that apply to your space.

At Nicon Built, we know how to expertly extend and renovate heritage buildings, which is important, as it can be a delicate process maintaining the vintage charm of a home while simultaneously modernising it to fit with your needs and lifestyle. And by incorporating these design elements, you can create a functional and stylish space that maximises your narrow block’s potential.

Our collaborative design process assists you in making your home functional and stylish, without compromising on your personal taste and goals. Have a heritage project or custom build in mind? Get in touch today to find out how we can make your dreams a reality!

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