Fabulous at 40: Why Experience Matters in Building

With 40+ years’ building experience, we’ve seen everything!

It’s true. After decades in the industry, we’re hard pressed to find an architectural concept or heritage extension in Melbourne we can’t deliver on, no matter the hurdles along the way! So we thought we’d share some of the rules we stand by after all these years.

1. Listen carefully to clients.

A first build can be a stressful time for clients and we understand, because it’s a major investment – financially and emotionally. We work closely with our clients to ease them through the process by reassuring them of any concerns they might have and making a conscious effort to collaborate with them to understand what they need and want from their dream project.

2. Always be transparent with issues that arise pre & post construction.

As architects and builders, we want to be accountable to our clients every step of the way, informing them of anything that might affect the build as soon as it comes up. Over the past four decades, we’ve built a strong team of expert consultants and professionals who have the expertise and commitment to solve any challenges that arise, allowing us to keep our clients up to date with all progress so we deliver on our clients’ visions.

3. Speak regularly with clients during the build process and address their concerns as they arise.

The easiest way to ensure satisfied clients, and to put their worries at ease, is to report all relevant information directly to them. This dynamic approach is the most effective way to mitigate any potential challenges. We discuss the preferred means of contact – email, phone, site visits – and how often these updates need to happen so that our clients receive information however and whenever they prefer.

4. Listen and understand.

Delivering to our clients’ briefs is still the number one thing that gets us out of bed in the mornings forty years into our business! And listening attentively is what makes this happen. As experts in the industry, once we understand what our clients want, we share helpful advice based on their vision to ensure best practice is followed to deliver their dream home.

5. Maintain a high level of professionalism.

There’s a reason so many clients choose to work with us, and it comes down to our respect for their business and high standards of the work we do with them. We appreciate the diverse goals and needs of every client who requests our services, and take a professional approach throughout every step of the building journey to ensure we maintain high standards of communication and delivery.

6. Always be prompt and courteous.

We know time is the most precious commodity which is why we work swiftly and efficiently to ensure the build adheres to your timeline. Our process sees us forecast and update continually so that your build remains on track for your move in date.

7. Taking our Client’s point of view

We hold a firm belief at Nicon Built: We build for our clients what we build for ourselves because after 40 years we’ve learned what works best! And we have the highest standards for our clients who deserve our dedication and detail.

8. Write it down!

We keep clear and systemised records of all conversations with our clients and partners and suppliers. That way, all decisions and recommendations can be referred to efficiently at every stage of our clients’ building projects.

9. Balancing the building budget.

At Nicon Built, we treat our clients’ investments like we would our own. From our first meeting, we’re honest about clients’ expectations and budget and how we can deliver the vision. By considering our clients brief together with their budget, we can be realistic about what is achievable and outline the best options to guide all decisions throughout the build.

10. Continually refine our business model and vision

With 40 years’ experience, we know how important it is to reflect on how we conduct ourselves. We have robust systems and processes to ensure our clients benefit from the way we do business. Our architectural building services are completed by our talented team of builders and designers who adopt our ethos of delivering beautiful homes on time and on budget.

We recognise the care, commitment and costs involved in creating exceptional homes, and it’s our greatest pleasure building a new life for our clients.

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