How to Ensure Your Project is Delivered on Time

From the moment work begins on your dream home, you’ll likely be counting down the days until you can move in. But how can you ensure move-in day comes around sooner rather than later?

While some delays are out of everyone’s hands and can’t be avoided, there are a few things you and your builder can do to keep the project on track. Here, we reveal handy hints for keeping the timeline of your build in check and how you could be holding those keys in your hand even sooner.

How to Ensure Your Project is Delivered on Time

Avoid making changes

One of the key things you have influence over is the number of variations you make along the way. Ideally, you’ll want to be 100% sure of your build before things even get started. It’s well worth spending a little longer planning and drawing up designs in the initial stages if it means things can run smoothly once the build gets going.

A good builder will view their client as a collaborator and welcome your input on all aspects. When you’ve had time to sit down with the experts and work through every detail, it’s far less likely you’ll need to make any changes along the way.

Choose the right builder

Communication is the backbone of any great relationship between a builder and their client. Do your research when it comes to selecting a builder, digging into customer testimonials to get a feel for how they communicate with their clients.

Ideally, you should always have a point of contact and a customer portal you can log into to stay on top of how things are going with the build. The right builder will notify you of any potential hold-ups, meaning you can work through them quickly and efficiently.

A respectful builder will always stick to the timeline and leave the site clean once they’ve finished a job. All of this combines to mean you’ll be in your new home quicker than you may have imagined.

Communication is king

It’s not just the client and builder who need to be in regular contact – your builder should also be checking in regularly with everyone else involved in the project.

At Nicon Built Design + Build, we offer architectural drafting as well as all hands-on building and trades services. We only use people we trust and have fantastic working relationships with, meaning we will take care of the communication between all parties involved. This way, everyone is in the loop and working hard to get your home finished on time.

Plan ahead

This one also comes down to selecting an experienced builder. Someone with many years in the industry will always allow for unavoidable delays such as weather or unavailability of contractors. By leaving a little leeway in their timeline, they can ensure there will be no disappointments along the way.

When you and your builder plan ahead, finalising all designs and ensuring any materials and permits you need are ready to go, you’ll be in your new home before you know it.

To discuss how we can create your dream home on time and within budget, get in touch with the expert team at Nicon Built Design + Build today.

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