How to maximise space in your home

Space has become a hot commodity that we can never seem to find enough of in our homes. Is itpossible to ever have enough space? Clutter seems to amass, seemingly out of nowhere,and no matter how much you declutter, therealways seems to be more!

If you feel like your home has turned into more of a storage unit than an actual living space, or you’re wishing to prevent that from happening, we have some design tricks to help you properly reinvent and renovateyour space, whether it’s a brand new home or an existing residence.

Brighten with beige

The colour palette of your room plays a major role in how spacious it feels. If you opt for darker colours, your room will feel considerably smaller than it actually is.

Keeping your palette light and neutral with soft whites, beiges and lighter pastels will enhance light in your room and make it feel bigger. Adding accents of colour for contrast will keep your room feeling fresh and bright.

Make sure you also have plenty of windows and skylights to create a feeling of space. Mirrors can also really help to open up a room – they are most useful if youposition them in the darker points of your space to brighten up all areas.

Easy storage solutions–reducing everyday clutter

Clever storage solutions can help to reduce clutter and make your everyday living easier. Hidden storage is an easy hack which will allow you to keep things out of sight. We recommend things likeinstalling a hidden laundry behind a cupboardor investing in a bed with storage underneath for linen and excess clothing.

Find underutilised areas such as the space beneath the stairs for extra storage space and invest in sleek built-in cabinetry for your bathroom and kitchen.When you purchase furniture try to select items which are transformable and also have storage functions.

Go high and wide

If you are undergoing a major renovation or are in the design process of a new build,there are a few structural and design options you could consider to maximise space. While it may be a big undertaking, raising the ceilings will make your space feel far larger and encourages better air flow.

Another way to increase space is having your indoor kitchen or living area open up to an outdoor living space. By using bi-fold doors you can form one large interconnected space for multipurpose use.

Customising your space for yourself

Remember that your home is a space for yourself and should be customised to suit your needs. Create some multipurpose spaces and think outside of having single purpose rooms an office can also be a recreational space or a home gym, you can place a study nook in the kitchen, or have an open plan kitchen, living and dining area.

The beauty of modern design is you no longer need to sacrifice style for space. With the right builder, some well-conceived planning and carefully considered storage ideas, you can have it all.

To find out more about maximising space in your home or to get started on the construction of a spacious new home or renovation project, get in touch with Nicon Built Design + Build today.

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