The Pros and Cons of Installing Skylights

Skylights have been around for a very long time but over the past few decades, these types of building accessories seemed to boom in popularity. Skylights are highly sought after in both residential and commercial buildings because they offer lots of terrific benefits. If you have been pondering whether to choose this type of upgrade for your building or not then you can certainly look into the following pros and cons of installing skylights.

Pros of Installing Skylights

These roof windows are desirable because they offer lots of great benefits such as the following;

Increase natural light
These roof windows instantly brighten up your interior rooms during the day. They are very handy for lightening rooms that don’t have windows or for bringing natural light into homes during cloudy and rainy weather. 

Extend space
Skylights can make small rooms look a lot bigger than they actually are. The rooms feel bigger simply because these areas are properly illuminated and can reduce that claustrophobic feeling of tiny areas.

Warmth during winter
Natural sunlight that comes in through these windows can do wonders for your interior temperature. That bit of extra heat also keeps that dull and bleak winter feeling out of your building.

Reduce your electricity bill
With lots of natural light coming into your building, there is no need to switch lights on during the day. Sunlight also warms up interior rooms which reduce the need for heat application during chilly winters. In the summertime, you can also open these windows to let warm air escape so you can naturally maintain a cooler interior temperature.

Fresher air
Warm air rises and when you open your skylights the misty and warm air inside the building escapes along with all sorts of contaminants such as dust and pollen. Homes and buildings become much healthier and fresher.

Emotional benefits
Natural light can benefit you on an emotional level. The sunlight reduces winter depression and can make you feel more alert and awake during the day when it is time to hustle and bustle at work.

Aesthetically pleasing
Skylights are very pleasing on the eye. Lots of light brightens up rooms, makes interior spaces seem bigger and these types of installations do create a very interesting effect in any room.

Star and rain gazing
With these windows, you always have something interesting to look at, whether you are cloud guessing, star gazing or simply want to see the pitter-patter of raindrops on your roof. 

Interior gardens

With skylights, you can add lots of potted plants to your home or building in order to create a beautiful environment or to help clean the air. These roofing conversions are a welcome addition for any plant lover or anyone that wants to invest in a handy herb garden. 

Cons of Installing Skylights

Unfortunately even these beautiful windows do have a few cons to keep in mind before you choose to install them. Here are the top cons of installing skylights:

Energy leaks
Skylights leaks heat from your home. The warm air that rises gets cooled down quickly when exposed to the glass. It is important to choose a professional installation team to get your skylights installed properly so they won’t leak energy.

Costly installation 

These types of building conversions don’t come cheap. They are expensive to install and do have maintenance requirements.

Sun glare 

Sunshine beaming in through your skylights can become a bit too warm to handle. This glare can cause fading of carpets, fabrics and even on hard floor surfaces.

Moisture leaks 

If your skylights are not installed properly, it could leak moisture. This is also a problem if you forget to close your skylight.

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