Conversions You Need For A Warmer Winter Home

There is nothing better than snuggling in on the living room sofa so you can spend some quality family time with loved ones over a hot cup of coffee. It isn’t much fun,however, to spend time in your own living room when you are all stiff from the cold and uncomfortable due to the many layers of clothing you need to wear just to keep warm.

The best upgrade you can consider this winter is something that will help you maintain a warmer interior temperature without having to crank the thermostat all the way up. There are lots of modern concepts that you can adopt and install in your home that will make a world of difference in home comforts, not just in winter but throughout the year. Here are some of the best conversions you need to consider right now for a warmer house this season.

What About a Fireplace?

Fireplaces went out of fashion when electric stoves and heaters made it easier to keep homes warm but this home concept is making a huge comeback because modern fireplaces are so easy to install. These modern units are constructed of steel and come as a complete kit that you can simply install in your home.

If you do have the space available, why not install a grand fireplace in your living room? Gas fireplaces can also be a handy alternative if you prefer not to make any alterations to your roof or walls in order to fit a fireplace into your house. A fireplace is a great way to warm up your house during winter and helps create a classic and snug vibe inside your house.

Better Window Insulation

Most of your home’s warmth escapes through your windows. Insulation will keep warmth locked inside during winter and can also help you maintain a cooler interior temperature during summer without the high energy consumption. There are quite a few different ways to get window insulation. You can choose to invest in thermos-tech or double glazing windows or if you already have windows installed in your home, get window insulation film installed on your existing windows.

Underfloor Heating

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is by installing underfloor heating in your home. Warm air rises while cold air settles on the ground level. When you warm up your floors you won’t have to worry about those chilly tiles anymore and your entire room’s temperature will also climb.

Get Rid Of the Plastic Tub

Plastic bathtubs and the water in them tend to cool down much quicker than other bathtub types such as porcelain, cast iron, and stone or ceramic. These baths also feel much better while you are enjoying a luxurious soak.

Install a Skylight

Check to see how light falls on your house during winter time. If the light falls right you can easily install a skylight to lighten up your home’s interior naturally and to allow more sun into your home for a warmer interior.

Get a Conservatory

A conservatory is a unique, excellent investment if you want to boost your property value and home appeal. This construction looks like a greenhouse but is attached to your home. The conservatory allows you to spend time outside without being exposed to rain and wind. It can also keep the winter cool out of your house whenever someone is exiting or entering the building.

Want to get one of these conversions done at your house? At Nicon Built we specialise in residential home improvements and we can transform your home in any way you need. Contact our offices to find out how we can help you create a warmer home at an affordable rate.

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