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Custom Homes in Melbourne

The freedom to design your own custom home from scratch – there is nothing quite like it. We understand that for many homeowners this is more than just a development project. It can be the start of a new chapter in life or a life goal that’s finally being achieved.

Our team of professionals at Nicon Built will work with you to create a custom home accommodating your specific requirements. We have a vast range of experience in the residential building industry with luxury homes being one of our specialities. From developing the perfect floor plan and future-proofing your home according to your needs, to organising architectural drafting services and landscaping, our comprehensive service range includes all the tools you need for a hassle-free custom build.

You deserve a home that is one of a kind. No matter how big your dream is, our custom home builders will help you make it happen.

A Reliable Home Extensions Builder.

Renovating your home and expanding your living space with an extension is rewarding for your family, and it adds value to your long-term investment potential. Nicon Built is an essential part of many people’s house extensions process, making an immediate difference in their lives.

Renovating a house is an investment in you and your family’s future. Creating extra space in the home you love creates a fulfilling and safe environment. Renovating allows you to decide how you want your extra space to be, one which matches all your dreams and desires.

A lot of time goes into renovating a home, and it can significantly increase its value too. So, to get the best out of your investment, ensure you hire experienced and quality builders. Nicon Built’s Melbourne home extension builders are luxury builders who plan and build your house extensions with great attention to detail.

Our team ensures you’ll have satisfaction from start to finish of your home extension project.

Luxury duplex designs

Two houses for the price of one, it’s an investors dream. A duplex is two separate living environments which provide two individual households all on one lot of land.  Duplex projects are an excellent investment, create financial income and it has the potential to make you a significant profit.

Let your duplex be the standout building on your street, don’t let it blend into the others.

Nicon Built creates Luxury duplex designs so you can build your dream townhouse, which will satisfy you and your family’s every desire. We work together with you to make your unique and special duplex dreams a reality. By working side by side, we understand your wishes so we can turn them into the luxury you deserve.

So, if you’re ready to create an individual and noticeable luxury duplex, contact the specialist builders at Nicon Built today and turn your dream into a reality.

Let’s talk about your dream home

Contact Our Custom Builders

Get in touch with our friendly team in South Melbourne for any queries regarding our services. You can also start the conversation about your upcoming custom home project or extensions and tell us your ideas in the message form below. We prioritise our responses to be as quick as possible.


The Nicon Built Standard

We are classic home builders, specialising in residential home improvements. Our office is based in South Melbourne and we accept various types of new home and renovation projects. 

Our level of work is second to none when it comes to modern home building. At Nicon Built, we take a great deal of pride in our attention to detail and exquisite standard of construction. We offer our clients competitive prices without compromising on quality. This applies to all our service range including home extensions, unit developments and superior built investment properties. You deserve the luxury home you desire.

Use Nicon Built’s experience to your advantage. As we are seasoned builders of luxury homes, our expertise allows you, as a client, complete peace of mind – the kind you can only experience when choosing a building contractor that you can really trust. We will help you explore all your available options to make sure your new build concept is completed on time to the highest standard. 


Nicon Built is Melbourne’s premiere residential construction company. We are liscensed Building Practitioners and Master Builders for over a decade and have over 25 years of service to the Victorian Building Industry.

We strive to be the best communicators in the business. We believe that keeping you informed throughout every stage of the building process is the key for a succesfull building partnership.

Our carefully selected team of designers, craftsmen, and suppliers work tirelessly to ensure high quality standards are met everytime. Developed over the last decade is our 287 point quality assurance checklist ensuring your home ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality, before, during and upon completion.

Our work is fully guaranteed. We have a proven history of happy clients as we provide a 365 day maintenance period plus a 7 year structural warranty backed by an industry compensation fund. We strive for long term customer satisfaction as we build relationships before homes.

We are a boutique firm and cap the number of jobs we start per year to ensure our team can deliver on our promises, making your job a priority on delivering the dream you deserve.

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Where We Build

We are Melbourne based, you can view a selection of our past projects and see our service areas below. If you’d like to know if we provide our servcies in your area, get in touch with our team today.