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Nicon Built- Pioneer of Custom-Crafted Luxury Home Designs Melbourne

We don’t Create Homes- We Create an Experience

Nicon Built has a truly diversified portfolio. We offer commendable services of luxury home designs Melbourne intending to unify style and grandeur with liveability. We take every project of ours very seriously and create distinctive designs that prove to be trendsetting and innovative.

Luxury home designs Melbourne created by Nicon Built are one-of-a-kind because every home is individually created after evaluating the needs and demands of the client. We tend to embed a variety of concepts into our designs so that the home becomes a work of art.

Extreme care is involved at every stage of luxury home creation to not miss out fine details. From installing bricks to giving those final touches to the interior and everything in between, we make sure that highest standards of building are followed. Moreover, we make sure that our designs and building methods are not just up-to-the-mark and exceed industry trends and standards, but also comply with government and local building laws.

One aspect that we specifically emphasize upon while building luxury home designs Melbourne is to never rely on lightweight, low quality or non-sturdy materials. Whether it is a luxury home build or a standard abode, we ensure that the finest quality materials are utilized. This is why you would never find materials like polystyrene foam, render board or similar lightweight materials in our constructed buildings.

You can confidently hire us to build your luxury home designs in Melbourne. We are the experts in building a versatile array of luxury houses from hillside havens to ultra-modern mansions and cottage style hideaways. Tranquillity, serenity, and warmth are the trademark characteristics of our built designs while comfort and liveability are never compromised when we are handling the project. Our skilled artisans and designers create such creative yet bespoke home designs that produce a profound impact on the local luxury home market.

Proudly presenting Sustainable Home Design Melbourne:

The hallmark of our luxury home design services is that we make sure that our built homes offer superior quality of living to its inhabitants. This is why our priority is to design environment-friendly and sustainable design Melbourne. If you are as passionate about the sustainability of the environment and want to make a difference through your home design, contact us with full confidence as we can understand and fulfill your desire remarkably.

We want to create homes that make us feel proud and instigate positive change in the market. This is why the strong emphasis is laid upon developing sustainable home design Melbourne, as we believe it is the need of the day.

Besides, we try to create homes that can be enjoyed by even your future generations. We take great pleasure in building sustainable home design Melbourne from scratch or transforming an old, run-down home into a comfortable, luxurious and sustainable residence.

Part of the process of building sustainable homes for Melbourne residents is to prefer the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly building materials. Using recyclable materials is important in this regard because it has the least environmental impact than new materials. Such as, instead of using new timber, we use reclaimed or salvaged wood. Similarly, we rely upon bamboo, recycled steel, Plant-Based Polyurethane Rigid Foam, and pre-cast concrete to create a sustainable home design Melbourne.

Contact us today if you want to build the home of your dreams. Our expert team of building specialists will have a detailed meeting with you to fully understand your sustainable home requirements and preferences. Once the session is over, we will create a blueprint of the home design and send you for approval. As soon as we receive the green signal from you, our experienced and skilled constructors will work day and night to finish the project on time and without ever exceeding the allotted budget. Moreover, we take care of everything involved in home building from paperwork to quotes and the entire building process right to the time when we hand over the keys of your home.

Call us for more information on our Luxury Home Designs and Sustainable Home Design projects.