The Future of Smart Homes: Integrating Technology into Your Build

Building your dream home can be an exciting process for anyone but have you considered the way technology can enhance your home? In 2024, it’s evident that the future of home design is influenced and shaped directly by the integration of technology into a home. Many homeowners are placing key emphasis on the technology they include in their homes when making design decisions. 

Invisible technology is a vital tool in meeting these demands while ensuring the aesthetic of the home is maintained. Over the years technology in the home has progressed from multiple remotes, an abundance of knotted cords, and multiple bulky modems to invisible technology that seamlessly integrates with the home’s design. These various forms of technology are now being considered during the conception of a home design and as a result, are being fitted during the building phase enhancing usability and seamlessness of the technology. A few examples of how you can fit technology during the build of a home is by including stylish and discreet storage solutions for modems and built-in electronic installations for TVs and other appliances or installing universal remote panels to control various aspects of the house.  

Smart technology has also enhanced a home’s ability to integrate technology directly into a home build. With the invention of smart assistants, motion sensors, smart thermostats, voice-controlled lighting and so much more homes are now able to be aesthetic, safe, and user-friendly for all members of the family. One of the biggest changes to smart home technology is the introduction of smart assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa. These applications allow homeowners to have complete control of their homes directly through their handheld devices making the entire process as seamless as possible.  

Smart technology also plays a vital role in ensuring homeowners build homes that are not only aesthetic and user-friendly but safe. These technologies allow homeowners to lock doors remotely, have access to video surveillance, and install motion detectors or control lights within the home remotely. Homeowners are now considering the safety benefits of smart technology at the conception stage of a build. 

At Nicon Built, we’ve been committed to crafting elevated, timeless spaces since the beginning. We see the importance technology plays in a home and are committed to working with homeowners to find efficient and aesthetic ways they can include technology into their build. 

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